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Lexington, KY’s Beyond the Shore have completed an extended tour that began in February. The band has spent the last two months driving across the US twice for over 60 total shows. While on tour, the band tends to find themselves in interesting situation, which at any given time may be fueled by boredom, booze, or simply the randomness inherent in finding oneself in a new town nearly every day! At the beginning of this tour, Beyond the Shore visited the Metal Blade offices, where they reminisced about some of their most entertaining experiences while on tour.

Beyond the Shore recalls some of their most notable moments on the road. The links below jump to specific stories:
1. Cool Missouri Cops (00:00:07)
2. Jared Has IBS (00:05:46)
3. Hotel Room Porno (00:09:08)
4. Pittsburgh Crutch Man (00:12:19)
5. Ogden Speakeasy (00:16:28)

Boozin across the nation. My life.

August Burns Red by Robin Andersson on Flickr


August Burns Red live at Best Buy Theater NYC 

Prints available here: Stevenherreraphotography.com/prints




If I ever get married, our vows better be based on the Team Rocket motto.

I vow to protect you from devastation.
To unite our privates and feel sensation.
To pronounce you as my one true love,
and see the glitter of your eyes in the stars above.
Team Rocket, married, committed for life!
Pronounce us now, as husband and wife!
Priiiiiiest! Alright!

This is the best thing I’ve seen on Tumblr today.

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Credit: Johnny Costa / isahermit

Beyond The Shore Posts "Glass Houses" Playthrough / Lyric Video


Lexington, KY’s Beyond the Shore recently filmed some clips with guitarists Zach Hunter and Jared Loucks, as well as bassist Eli Masherbash, to demonstrate the track “Glass Houses” from the “Ghostwatcher” album.

The clips were edited together into a performance demonstration / lyric video hybrid that is now available below, thanks to Lambgoat.co… Read More/Discuss on Metal Underground.com

Glass Houses lyric video/guitar playthrough up now! #beyondtheshore #metalblade #lambgoat
Live shot from Ottawa. 

On tour now with Arsonists Get All The Girls / Seeker / The Last Ten Seconds of Life

August Burns Red
Starbucks is always a great pick me up in the morning. #chaitea #rejuvenating #starbucks

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Interviews at the metal blade office.


Nebulas are so beautiful

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