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Volumes - Vahle
"Loved ones, afterlife. Is something that you think about"
This is for all of your lost ones. Gone but never forgotten

Volumes - Serenity
You can now listen to my band Beyond The Shore and our latest record entitled "Ghostwatcher" for free in its entirety on Spotify!If you like what you hear, you can purchase it on iTunes, local music stores, or you can also purchase a physical copy through the Metal Blade Records website!http://www.metalblade.com/beyondtheshore/

Check out what Jonathan Pugh did to our Gold Bars tee!

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Anonymous asked: do you have a crush?

I might


my edit, favorite band

Beyond the Shore post #Dreamkiller tour footage video, tour with War of Ages begins tomorrow!


Beyond the Shore post #Dreamkiller tour footage video, tour with War of Ages begins tomorrow!

Beyond the Shore has put together a candid music video clip with footage shot during their recent tour with Arsonists Get All the Girls, Seeker, and more. The video is for the song “

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I don’t fuck.

I make sweet love.

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Adam Gray of Texas In July

"Behind The Back"

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Give me both


NEWS: The hardcore/metal band, War of Ages, has announced the “Born For Battle Tour” for June, with dates across North America. Beyond The Shore and The Ongoing Concept will be on the tour as support bands. You can check out the dates and details at http://digtb.us/bornforbattle